We love inspiring the community by attending the markets in the area. Bringing a little flair to the atmosphere and a little laughter to the hart… Live Out Loud and Fabulous…

Knorhoek Market 13 October 2019

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13 October.. Knorhoek Market.. hahahah what a day.. Such a fun day for the kids… lots of swimming, music and face painting.. Come enjoy the day with us.. or make your party booking now..

Knorhoek Market 6 October 2019

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6th October Knorhoek market.. was a cold day but a fun and cozy atmosphere.. Thanx to all who add to the festivities, your support is well appreciated..

Knorhoek Market 22 November 2019

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This is Knorhoek’s first market 22 September.. was an amazing day with the kids.. wonderful vibes and stall owners are so warm and friendly..